Meet the Artist

Staci Friedman is a mixed media artist with a passion for watercolors, botanicals and abstract art. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Fine Art, with a focus in Visual Communications, and then went on
to a career as an Art Director/Designer in the publishing and corporate retail world. While Friedman was dedicated to design work for over a decade, her love for fine art never faded. In 2015, she shifted her creative focus back on drawing and painting. Fine art has since become an integral part of her daily life. 

Friedman is inspired by the beauty and delicate details of flowers, as well as the effortless fluidity of abstracts. When she begins an abstract piece, she starts with a blank canvas and a general idea. She is sometimes inspired by something simple, like a color that connects to a memory for her. She begins her realistic pieces with a sketch, based either on a live reference or photograph of something that enlivens her. Friedman enjoys trying new techniques, mediums and styles and combining them with the spontaneity of watercolor. She is constantly looking for new ways to challenge herself, finding new sources of inspiration and ideas that spark her creativity. Friedman is represented by Hayley Gallery, in New Albany, OH. 

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